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Bruce Nelson Holsters

The Story Behind Bruce Nelson Holsters

Bruce Nelson holsters are popular around the world but were originally intended as a means to stay alive. Bruce Nelson was born in 1948 and spent his childhood in the Boy Scouts and making money to buy his very own .357 Magnum.

He had already joined the NRA by the age of seven thanks to his supportive family. Later in life, Nelson met and married a woman as comfortable and interested in guns and as passionate about justice as he was.

After graduating high school, Nelson went on to college and then to work for Bianchi where he gained holster making skills. A few years later, he joined the Fillmore Police Department in California and later the California Department of Justice.

During his work with the DOJ, Nelson worked several undercover assignments in which he discovered how quickly a regular holster could get him killed. He spent his little free time designing a new one that would allow him access to his weapon quickly while remaining concealed.

Nelson went on to make some for fellow officers and Bruce Nelson holsters became a popular item. As he made them by hand, Nelson could never keep pace with the demand, so when Milt Sparks asked if they could use his design, he happily agreed.

Bruce Nelson had a passion for keeping himself and his fellow law enforcement officers safe in the line of duty. With Milt Sparks helping produce the holsters, people around the world have access to his quality work. It is safe to say that Nelson’s passion and ingenuity have saved hundreds- possibly thousands- of lives.

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