The now discontinued "To Catch a Thief" avenger-style holster was one of a range of Berns-Martin holsters made in Australia. It was die-cut from American horsehide then hand-molded/detailed, kiln-dried and hand-finished.  These were guaranteed to fit directly from the box -- with no break-in.  Their form/fit/function was guaranteed for the working life of their maker: me.


There is an actual science for designing and building high performance gunleather.  It's not really a hobby any more.  But the Net is absolutely filled with old wives tales that will steer you in the wrong direction; old wives tales that were born over many decades of various makers' self-serving needs to con buyers by lowering expectations.

Here at holsterguys.com our goal is to 'separate the men from the boys' and give (the blog is free!) you information that not only shows you how to choose gunleather by its design and construction without relying on brand reputation; but also give you the true story of how each brand came to life.  We pull no punches (that's not the 'royal we', there are many contributing editors to holsterguys.com).

In the meantime, for complete information about the 200 men and women in America who created today's gunleather during the period 1905 to 1985, you can read more about my book with John Witty titled "Holstory -- Gunleather of the Twentieth Century" (c) 2018 at holstory.com.

P.S.  I retired from building gunleather on my 70th birthday in 2020.  Rest assured, then, that nothing in this blog is intended to persuade you to buy my own brand that is Red Nichols Holsters as well as Berns-Martin Gunleather.  We've all been put out to pasture :-)

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